March 01, 2007

Moving, Again

Yeah, I'm sick of blogger and other various blog hosts, so I decided to bite the bullet and just get a proper web host and host the blog myself. I know I've written very little of late; the plan is to get back into writing with a fresh start and a renewed spirit of enthusiasm... or something. In part, I think I've become very confused about what it is I want the blog to be, so I no longer know what to write most of the time. So, though I hate predicting the future, since I'll probably change my mind or not be able to do what I envision because my all-thumbs inability to navigate even the simplest tasks has made me feel like a rube of late -- gawrsh, what's them there internets y'all keep a-talkin' about? -- I want to split the blog into two, and have one that's more serious and political and the other that's more personal and goofy. Plus I also want to do a Green Day blog, so I can write all the stuff that rattles around in my head and that I usually consider too embarrassing to talk about in any other context than as a completely shameless, adoring fan.

But, argh, I thought the whole setting up aspect would be easier to do. And I'm doing it the easiest way possible! The web host I signed up with offers one-click WordPress installation. How stupid do I have to be to find that daunting??? Granted that I can never leave well enough alone: I found a template I liked for one blog but felt compelled to alter it in minute and insignificant ways, and each tiny change takes me forever to puzzle out. Yeah, I could just not do that, but if I'm going to try to host my own blogs I want more control over them, not less, right? And then when I go to install two more blogs, which I haven't done yet, am I going to create a morass of bloggy files that I don't understand and won't be able to sort my way out of? Yeah, I know, whoever is reading this, if anyone is, will be thinking either: god, you're an idiot, or: hmm, yawn.

I've always operated under the assumption that if something is figure-out-able I can figure it out. Not because I'm so great, but because I've found there's usually a plodding and obstinate way to get at something even if the elegant and streamlined way eludes you. Working with anything that's computer related, from a user standpoint, has this very weird learning curve associated with it: it's both elementary and maddening. On the one hand, everything is set up to be incredibly easy, because someone else, usually teams of anonymous someones, has worked everything out for you and has thought of everything, in many cases for free and with a very generous expenditure of their time, and you can just dig right in. If there's something you don't know right away you can figure out a whole lot just by puttering, because most of what you want to do is designed to be intuitive. And if you get stuck, you can almost always look up an explanation. But, on the other hand, the first, most necessary and basic steps, and the bridges that link the series of steps to one another -- the parts that should be obvious but somehow are not -- are often left unexplained and remain oddly inaccesible. Sometimes I feel like I have a manual that tells me every detail on how to operate all the sophisticated gadgetry inside some futuristic house, but I'm still circling around the perimeter of the building like an idiot trying to find the front door.


Blogger Jim said...

The motivation to blog seems to ebb and flow with me, also. There have been times when I wanted to just "deep six" Words Matter, but I stayed with it.

I'm actually feeling a renewed sense of purpose (which may disappear next week) and enjoying putting up 2-3 posts per week (vs. trying to blog every day).

I'm glad you're still at it--you always have something worth saying (and reading, btw) and I appreciate knowing that you're out there in the blogosphere.

March 03, 2007 12:51 AM  
Blogger asfo_del said...

Thank you Jim. I always appreciate your kind words. Once I get the new site sorted out I'll get back into things, I think. And I'm glad that you're out there sharing your thoughts and insights. Take care.

March 05, 2007 3:28 PM  

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